You are here because you want to learn something new related to the internet. Maybe improve your business through technology. Or make money online by creating a website and quit your day job. How about building a new or migrate an existing brick & mortar business online, do e-commerce, blogging, affiliate marketing, get traffic, convert leads to sales, promote and sell products or advertise on social media, all the way up to make your own App and everything in between? Well, this is the place to achieve all that and a whole bunch more!

We are marketers, designers, webmasters, engineers, instructors, entrepreneurs and developers with over 3 decades of experience in related industries and in the service business for over 20+ years with both an online/offline presence and engagement in various activities and forms. We lived in many countries and worked with multiple people & companies from all over the globe. We’ve built companies, brands, websites, apps, software, seminars, stores, infrastructure, campaings, even hardware and also have some cool tech patents under our belts.

If it has the words internet, optimization or business developement in the “problem” at its core, we’ve solve it — with success — and for a wide range of individuals and corporations of all sizes, backgrounds and budgets. From total (and unemployed) n00bs on a shoestring budget and folks with local shops to stay-at-home moms and household brands with international reach, including advisory for government projects. Our mantra is to create and provide the “missing elements” of succcess for others. When they make it through with flying colors, we know we’ve done our job.

We advise individuals & businesses on how to become better and more competitive in their fields to maximize their potential. From launching a viral campaign to capturing customers or lost sales, to scaling their infrastructure and meet their growing business demands.

InternetMasters has provided education, consulting,  and seminars to more than 2,800 aspiring and veteran entrepreneurs since 2005. Before that, we educated and consulted with professionals and businesses since 1993. And now it is time to pass our experience once again to YOU, so that you can fast-track your self and entrepreneurial efforts towards success with the proper toolkit of knowledge, strategies, mentality and methods used by people who actually build the businesses you’ve seen all over the net and wondered who made them and how.
(spoiler alert: They hire people like us).

The easiest way to do something, is by either hiring professional experts, or by learning from those who’ve already done it (for them and others). There’s no reason to waste your valuable time and investment money on trial & error. Especially if you want to build a long-lasting business that is as close to running automatically as possible, while you minimize any risks along the way.

Here are some stats for you: The last 5 years alone, the amount of people tryhing to “make it” online have multiplied by 10000X. Everyone and their dog is jumping on the bandwagon and copies the rest. 95% of them fail miserably or struggle because of lack of knowledge on how to do it the correct way. The web may seem like a cheap way to join the goldrush, but it is NOT a place were people should experiment with their financial stability and future, just because some “gurus” make it seem easy. You will not become succesful by doing the exact same thing like everyone else. And guess what? It is NOT about funding either. Burning through cash to solve a problem, does not provide a solution. Also, there’s no “get rich quick” as far as businesses go. Don’t fall for that. Strategic planning and knowledge come first. These are the main safety nets, before you even consider starting anything online (or offline for that matter).

This is where we come in — to protect you from making such mistakes.

Unlike all the “me too” MOOCS out there, we focus on the people and their problem, and do not just provide canned “how to” material that you can find in various forms all over the place. With us, you don’t just get information, you get solutions. Together, we are going to discuss about the WHAT and then you’ll get the best tailor-made answers possible to solve the HOW. But above all, we’ll teach you how to THINK before you act. Your business brain will be rewired and operate in a whole different way. That is what makes us unique and more effective. After all, learning is nothing without earning !

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